Victory Fire for Game Boy Advance GBA

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V2.35 (Complete)

Game Plot

Traditionally, you are a young Pokemon Trainer and live in a small town with your Mom in Tyron region. You can choose to be a boy (Iron ) or a girl (Pure). Your region is the large region with a lot of dangerous areas that no one can live. To be the greatest Trainer, you have to travel around Tyron and collect 8 Badges from gym leaders. With the help from a Pokemon Professor and your friends, you begin to make your journey. You will also fight against Team Mirage before you can complete your journey. With the harder mode, this game is really a challenge for you and takes much time to train Pokemon Levels to win all battles. That is how your game starts.

    A completely new region
    Good Storyline
    New Characters, Gym Leaders
    Underground Black Market in Marble City
    Tyron-styled Trick House
    Big Pokedex with new Pokemon from Generation IV and V
    New tiles and sprites

Credit to Wind.

UK dispatch.



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