Undead Line - Mega Drive/Genesis (Region-free) (English Translation)

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This once-exclusive shmup from Japan has now been translated by M.I.J.E.T and ported across to be compatible for EUR & USA consoles.

Undead Line is a top-down arcade shooter with scrolling screens, like Commando and other games. The player controls a character (from a selection of three on the MSX 2 version) that shoots projectiles at enemy monsters.

The six levels available are presented in a menu and can be selected and played in any order. There is a boss battle at the end of each one.

Chests with power-ups are scattered throughout the levels. They open when shot, and in the Genesis version it is possible to cycle through the available power-ups by keeping firing at them. The power-ups include armor and speed boosts, and several types of projectiles.

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