Ultimate Retroflag GPi Console 'Game Boy Zero' & Raspberry Pi Zero W

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Ultimate set-up, all pre-installed, ready to play!

Installed with the Retroflag GPI case, Raspberry Pi Zero W and a 32GB card. All components are brand new and all protective films will be left on the console.

Pre-installed with 6,000+ games from most classic retro consoles such as the Game Boy/Colour/Advance, Atari, NES, SNES, Master System, Mega Drive, etc.

All button scripts and safe shutdown are all pre-installed also!

Original box also included, along with a USB cable and the original assembly instructions.

Please note: To switch it off, it's highly advised to do this from the menu by pressing start, scrolling to the bottom and selecting 'shut down system' then waiting approximately 20 seconds before powering it off at the main switch at the top of the console. Doing it via this safe method will prevent any chance of software corruption.

As a homage to the 8-bit handheld game console, Nintendo Game Boy, not only does it carry the same looks, the Retroflag GPI Game Boy case includes additional features like X/Y buttons, hidden L/R shoulder buttons as well as power.  Retroflag, the company behind many amazing retro Raspberry Pi cases, have released the Retroflag GPI – The first commercially available Game Boy Zero.

The Retroflag GPI is designed to emulate retro video games using the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero board using free RetroPie software.  To build it simply install RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi Zero.  Then Simply insert the Zero into the included Game Boy cartridge and slide it into the GPI Case.  Finally, install your own RetroPie ROMs.

The GPI has many of the features of the original Game Boy including internal speaker, DC power jack, screen contrast / volume wheels, headphone jack and power switch.  It also has easy external SD card access.  The GPI case takes 3 AA batteries or can be powered without batteries using the 5V DC barrel usb cable connected to any 5V power source such as your computers USB port, power bank or AC adapter.

At 135 x 81 x 32mm the Retroflag case is slightly smaller than the original Gameboy case and has additional X Y and shoulder buttons on the back, allowing you to play additional games from the Super Nintendo era onward.  The GPI case has a full colour IPS LCD display with a wider aspect ratio than the original Game Boy, at 2.8 inch it’s slightly larger than the original screen.  The resolution is 320 x 240 which is sufficient for playing retro games.  The GPI case has an internal speaker as well as a headphone jack in the same location as the original Game Boy.

[Note - the outer box on this one has some light wear, but the console itself is in perfect condition]



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