Twinkle Tale (Updated English Translation) - Mega Drive/Genesis Game

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Region-free. Compatible on UK/EUR/US consoles.

This version is fully translated.

It will appear fully translated on PAL Mega Drive consoles.

If playing on a Retron or similar console, it will still appear in Japanese, unless you switch it to NTSC mode.

Twinkle Tale is a top-down shooter game exclusive to the Japanese Sega Mega Drive. The witch apprentice Saria is called into service to stop the machinations of the evil wizard Gadou using three magical spells given to her by a fortuneteller, rescuing her master and the other great wizards along the way.

The game was never localized outside of Japan in an official capacity, but it was fan-translated by the M.I.J.E.T. group in 2007.


The game offers players three distinct spells that the player has for the entire game and can freely switch between them at any point with the C button. They include:

  • Shooting Star, which has a direct beam that fires directly forward and does the most damage.
  • Diamond Arrow is a spread shot that covers multiple angles, making them best suited for crowds.
  • Silver Comet is Saria's homing attack, though it balances high accuracy with lower overall power.

In addition, the player can upgrade these spells by acquiring stars, up to three levels. If Saria gets hit, the player loses health and one level of their currently equipped spell. If a spell is fully powered up, picking up another upgrade randomly upgrades one of the other two spells instead. The player can also find two types of bombs: one that chases targets and another that clears the whole screen.




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