Stone Protectors (Unreleased) - Mega Drive/Genesis Game (NTSC/USA)

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NTSC/USA version.

Stone Protectors is an unreleased Sega Mega Drive beat-'em-up game developed by Eurocom based on the cartoon series with the same name. It saw a release for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994, and a port to the Mega Drive was due to be published by VIC Tokai, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Stone Protectors features 10 levels in which the heroes – Clifford, Cornelius, Chester, Maxwell, and Angus – battle The Predators throughout their mission to retrieve Zok's crystal and bring them all back to the kingdom. Weapons can also be acquired but only used by certain characters. Depending on the difficulty setting, the game's ending scene also features different music in which the Stone Protectors are seen performing as a band.

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