Star Wars C3PO "Stay Gold" Embroidered Patch

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Great for accessorising clothing!

Approx 7cm x 8cm

Can be sewn on or ironed on.

Iron on instructions:

(1) Ensure surface the patch is going onto is flat.
(2) Adjust iron to highest temperature fabric can tolerate - ensure steam option is turned off.
(3) Place patch in desired position facing up.
(3) Place a cotton tea towel or fabric over the patch, ensuring it remains in place.
(4) Keep iron on for approx 15 - 20  seconds, do not move backwards and forwards.
(5) Turn item inside out and iron for 15 - 20 seconds on the reverse.
(6) Wait for patch to cool and check it is adhered firmly. If not repeat instructions above keeping iron in place for longer.




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