South Park (Unreleased Game) for Game Boy/Game Boy Colour

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South Park is an unreleased 1998 video game based on the Comedy Central series of the same name, made for the Game Boy Color handheld system, developed by Acclaim Entertainment.


In the midsts of the show's runaway success, Acclaim started development on a First-Person Shooter based on the series for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PC. They were also developing a Platformer for the Game Boy Color. The game was fully developed and prepared for shipment. However, days before being sent to Nintendo, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone discussed that the Game Boy Color was marketed more towards children, and the GBC version went unreleased. Parker and Stone later kept the prototype copies in commemoration of it being the first South Park game completed. The game was later reprogrammed and released as Maya The Bee in Europe and The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley in the United States.

According to JJ Games, the description of the game is as follows, "From the deep reaches of space, a horror approaches. Once in a great while, the malevolent forces of the Universe combine to form a force of evil so concentrated, so pure, that no bastion of goodness and decency can stand against it. It hurls through the Universe toward its destination ... the planet Earth. The town to be victimized ... South Park, Colorado. A quaint little town, nestled in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Where better to terrorize good and decent folk ... Yeah, right!”

It should be noted this follows the exact intro narration the First-Person Shooter game uses for its game.

According to IGN, the game was to be released in 1999, which contradicts previous knowledge that it was to be released in 1998.

On August 6th, 2018, the ROM of the game was posted by "DaKoolDood" on the LostMediaWiki Discord server, after months of contact with the head developer of the game.



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