Sonic Eraser - Mega Drive/Genesis Game

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Region-free. Will work on UK/EUR/US consoles.

Press start at the menu to change it to English.

Sonic Eraser is a fairly simple puzzle game. Sets of colorful geometric shapes in sets of 4 descend from the top of the screen. The pieces must be matched up in order to clear the players area of the screen. If the pieces should pile all the way to the top of the screen where incoming pieces fall the game will end for that player. There are 2 multiplayer options, 1P and 2P is a competition to see who can amass the most points. 1P vs 2P is different, when a player gets a combination of three consecutive matches of pieces, that player's Sonic attacks the other player's Sonic. As a result, the other player will momentarily lose control of their pieces. The time limit in this mode is 10 minutes.

The game offers 4 unique modes of gameplay.

  • Normal Mode: In this mode, the player simply matches pieces to gain a high score. The better the performance of the player, the higher the difficulty level will rise and the speed at which clusters fall increases.
  • Round Mode: This is sort of a puzzle mode consisting of 10 stages. The object is to clear the whirlybob pieces from the playfield by eliminating the shapes between them. The time limit is 3 minutes for each round, and pausing the game doesn't stop the clock.
  • Doubt Mode: The gameplay is the same as Normal mode except that white squares don't drop down. Instead, a single shape from almost every cluster will turn into a white square when it hits the ground.
  • Block Mode: This mode allows clusters to stand on-end rather than having parts of the cluster break off the cluster if nothing is underneath it.

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