Sienna for Game Boy Advance GBA

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Today is the date you have been waiting for a long time. This moment is really important to you and your journey to explore the world is starting. A few months ago, you heard about an opening at Indigo Plateau trainer school in Kanto, your CV is not good enough to be accepted but this also helps you to make another big decision to explore this region. In your journey, you have to train your Pokemon then challenge Gym Leaders to collect badges and finally meet the Elite Fours. Beside your main quests, there is a mysterious team and you are incidentally involved in their intrigue. They want to destroy the world and want to be the new owners. You MUST stop them with your decisions to protect all people. It’s all up to you!


    • The Completely Beautiful New Region
    • Decision Based Storyline
    • Nice World Map, Tiles and Character Sprites
    • New Hidden Areas and Regions
    • Travel Between All Regions
    • Day/Time System based on System Real Time
    • Wonderful Sounds and Music
    • New Pokemon and Pokedex
    • Focus Punch Trees

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