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This is the completed version by TheScarletSword.

You can choose between four different patched versions in the drop-down menu.

There are:

  • Normal
  • Normal+
  • Challenge
  • Challenge+

"Relive the very first generation of Pokémon games, in time for the franchise's 20th anniversary! Red and Blue DX provide several new updates to the original pair of Pokémon games that breathe new life into these classics while still retaining its original characteristics, including popular enhancements from some more recent Generation 1 hacks for a 'best of' experience; check out the Credits section for more on that.

  • Trading and battling has been preserved in its entirety. Link up with a friend online through TGB Dual or play on a modded Pokémon Showdown server. See the TGB Dual/Showdown Tutorial document within the .rar file for more information.
  • Now, you can play the entire game in color! Red and Blue DX have been upgraded to a full-fledged GameBoy Color game.
  • Don't like the old, drastically different Generation 1 sprites? Now you can choose between the Generation 1 and Generation 2 sprite set!
  • Pokémon now look more vivid than ever! The monsters have updated colors to match their official art.
  • There's 103 new Pokémon - 254 for you to catch in all, up from 151 in the original games. Can you find them all?
  • Pokémon look sharper than ever with updated back visuals!
  • Newer Pokémon players can enjoy an updated type chart from the recent generation of Pokémon games. Introducing the Dark, Steel and Fairy types! [Fairy is classified as a Special type.]
  • Choose which version you play carefully - Red and Blue now have many differences!
  • 4 difficulty settings for you to play! (see note *4 at the bottom)
  • 50+ new moves!
  • Unique new cries for all new Pokémon!
  • Evolve your Pokémon with new items and evolutionary Stones! Some may even evolve depending on your location.
  • The all-new Inverse Mode from X and Y! You can even switch it on and off before a Link Battle.
  • All 254 Pokémon obtainable in one version - some will be way harder than others to find depending on which you play.
  • Battle Factory and Battle Tent from Pokémon Emerald make their appearance!
  • Now, there's even more things for you to accomplish after you've beaten the Elite Four - some trainers may even rematch you! Complete the Pokédex in addition to this and you'll face the most experienced trainer in the Kanto region...
  • Several beloved quality of life features make their return, such as the Running Shoes and many more. (see note *1 at the bottom)
  • Trainers will keep you on your toes with increased intelligence.
  • You may now encounter rare and mysterious Shiny Pokémon! Some are even more colorful and polished than before.
  • Tired of being unable to erase HMs? Now you can! HMs can now be overwritten at any time.
  • Love to explore? The world of Kanto now gives you more opportunities to roam as you please.
  • Some of the battle mechanics from the original games have been upgraded, such as Substitute.
  • The worlds of Kanto come to life with a remixed soundtrack! (see note *2 at the bottom)
  • The feel of the original pair of games can still be felt - many battle mechanics have been kept intact, as well as the original art work. For a more modern Red hack, I'd highly advise playing Red++"



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