PSP 1000 Series - Replacement White Faceplate

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Restore some life in your classic PSP with this brand new faceplate, scratch-free. Protective film on both sides.

These 100% fit the 1st gen (1000 series, inc 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, etc) and are the exact same specifications.

Recommended for advanced users only.

Common solutions for any installation issues:

The PSP analog joystick piece doesn't fit directly through the front of the faceplate. You have to take the joystick cap off first. Unscrew it from the reverse, then place it in the new faceplate from the reverse side, then re-apply the cap on the front side.

If any buttons don't fit, firstly check your buttons - if they're aftermarket, they can sometimes have slight excess plastic around the outer edges (from the mold) Carefully snipping this away will then make them fit better.

Make sure your buttons are aligned correctly. In the D-pad slot, there's a small nib located towards the inner circle which slots into the hole of D-pad button.



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