Pocket Monsters 2 - Mega Drive/Genesis Game

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This game is a significant improvement over the original.  The artwork and audio has improved since the first game. The music is mostly remade from the Japanese Pokemon TV series, with songs including the original Japanese opening theme (Stage 1 and Stage 4) and the ending theme of the pilot. (Boss theme.)

You move with the control pad and jump with the 'C' button.  Unlike in Pocket Monster, Pikachu cannot use a screen-wide electric attack.  Instead, he can toss pokeballs with the 'B' button (when they are collected).  They can kill enemies, but are rather useless thanks to their lacking range and the fact that you drop all of your pokeballs when you get hit.

It only contains four levels, with an end boss. However, the length of the game comes in punishing slightly careless actions with a very large amount of leaps of faith and overall blind jumps, in combination with the lack of checkpoints.



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