OIA - Orange Island Adventures for Game Boy/Game Boy Colour

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After beating the Indigo League quite some time ago, Professor Oak asks
you to go to the Orange Islands and get the GS Ball from Professor Ivy.
He also mentions there as an Orange League you should compete in.

On top of that, after Oak asks you to go to Johto, you discover Team Rocket is at it again. This time, in Ecruteak City. Though it isn't clear what they're up to, it can't be good.

As if that isn't enough, something has upset the Balance of Power and
it's coming from around Shamouti Island.


- Starter: ESPEON
- Explore four regions: KANTO, ORANGE, JOHTO, REEMAN ISLAND
- New "LUGIA" menu system (later in game): replaced with better ideas and easier interface
- Voices from "The Power Of One"
- Music from the original motion picture "The Power Of One"
- Catch all POKEMON, plus some new FAKEMON
- New attacks
- Hidden BLACK MARKET to buy hard to find items
- Stronger legendaries
- Over sixty hours of gameplay (assumes that you catch all POKEMON)
- Running inside



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