Ninja Gaiden (Unreleased Version) - Mega Drive/Genesis Game


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Region-free. Works on all Mega Drive/Genesis consoles.

The Mega Drive version of Ninja Gaiden is modeled after the arcade version, which is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up, rather than opting for a frantic platforming action seen in the NES version.

This game was in development sometime in 1992. It was a beat ’em up  in the light of such games as Double Dragon, somewhat inspired by the original arcade game, but featuring different levels, a new storyline unrelated to previous games, and the presence of cut-scenes similar to the ones from NES trilogy and the other games developed by Sega. The plot, however, involved a trip of Ryu Hayabusa to the United States in a similar fashion to the one of the arcade, with some of the enemies from that game also returning, like the Jason Voorhees look-alikes. Some locations such as a casino, the character would encounter such things as drug deals.

The game was never released commercially due to poor development and bad pre-release critics.

Dispatched from the UK.