NES Cartridge - 143 in 1 - ('The 143 Best Video Games of All Time')

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Region-free. Cartridge colour may vary depending on stock levels. (Usually either grey or red)

An excellent selection of games features in this NES cartridge. It includes the Final Fantasy series, Zelda series, Mario series, Megaman series, Ninja Gaiden series, Kirby's Adventure, Rainbow Islands and many more!

Battery save is supported but only for one game at a time. For example, if you have been playing Zelda 1 you will have created one or more characters in your name. This will stay saved until you play another game that uses battery save (or SRAM), like Kirby's Adventure, which will then wipe your Zelda saves and create new save(s) for Kirby's Adventure in this instance.

The cartridge is multi-region and currently set to NTSC. You can switch between NTSC and PAL by putting the cartridge in a region-locked NES console, turning the power on and then repeatedly pressing reset 4 - 8 times. Some of the games are in NTSC format (60hz) so will run a little slower on PAL consoles (50hz)

(Note - Bionic Commando has a glitch that sometimes renders it unplayable)



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