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From the creator of Super Mario Land X, Ross Adkin a.k.a. TidusRenegade brings to you another great hack – Mario’s Picross X.

This is the classic puzzler, improved with sprites from the most famous retro video games.

Help Mario continue his quest to unlock the mystery of picross. This time, Mario is challenged with revealing the puzzles related to the famous video game sprites from various retro systems

Chisel away the blocks, based on the clues provided, to reveal the hidden picture in each of the 256 challenging levels

 - All 256 puzzles updated to provide a new challenge!

- Each puzzle represents a classic video game sprite or montage! 

- See classic video characters such as Link, Mario, Sonic, Kirby or even Jet Set Willy!

- Super Game Boy compatible providing a colourful Picross experience!


To keep up to date with Ross' future gaming projects, give him a follow on his new Twitter account. He also has a solutions guide readily available upon request if anyone needs a few helpful pointers! @tidusrenegade



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