Korosu for Game Boy Advance GBA

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You can think of this version as the sequel to Pokemon Outlaw.
Pokemon Korosu will tell you about the story of a vengeful young lady, whose family has been killed by a criminal group. She was also kidnapped by that group. With some help, she has escaped and now she is on her way to get her revenge.


    • Physical/Special/Status split for your Pokemon party.
    • You can continuously use the Repels with the Black 2/White 2 Repel System. No need to open the bag, use the repel and keep repeating this process.
    • Mostly, we can get Gen I – Gen III Pokemon, but there will be some Gen IV – VI Pokemon also. One of them will be given.
    • The Pokemon Tournament is replaced for Elite Four/Pokemon League. There are 64 trainer tournaments in total. This experience is unique.
    • A whole new story with many different events and characters.
    • You can KILL a lot of people in this game with your Pokemon. Do not worry about it too much since this game is a violent Pokemon version, not for children.
    • No need to get special running shoes because you can have it right at the beginning (if you do not have it, how can you escape?). You can run indoors also.
    • Some changes about evolving Pokemon with stones.
    • There will be no fishing because the author doesn’t want to make it.
    • At a number of points, this game will be very difficult

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