Grandia Parallel Trippers (English) for Game Boy

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Grandia Parallel Trippers for Game Boy

(Language - English)

The game was released exclusively in Japan in December 2000, is a spin-off of the first Grandia title, and features characters, music, and a similar battle system. to the original. Unlike its predecessor, Parallel Trippers is presented using entirely two-dimensional graphics and character sprites, with combat sequences that take place from first-person perspective that utilize "Synthesis Cards" instead of direct actions. New features include a database of all possible combat actions, as well a monster and character catalog that fills as the player progress through the game.

The game follows Yuuhi, a young boy living in Japan who is transported along with his friends Mizuki and Shirou to an alternate version of the Grandia world populated by characters from the original video game. Players must guide Yuuhi around numerous environments to re-unite with his friends and discover a way home.

Cartridge only.

Compatible on Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and Nintendo DS.



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