Graded Card/Slab - 4 Row Storage Box - XL Size

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Our XL storage boxes are sleek in design, built from aluminium and offer robust protection.

They have 4 snug-fitting rows to store your cards in. Each row has its own adjustable spacer for you to organise your cards.

Inside the top lid is a foam layer for added protection.

This storage case also features an optional 6-digit combination lock (along with instructions on how to create your code) This will also come with a plastic slide in pin through the number wheels, as a safety measure, so you don't accidentally set a new code while your storage case is open.

There'll be no code by default. If you do set a new code, please remember to write this down and don't lose it!

To open these boxes, simply push the two buttons outwards.

These can store:

  • 128 GetGraded Graded Cards
  • 124 PSA Cards
  • 120 CGC Cards
  • 96 Ace Graded Cards
  • 92 Beckett Graded Cards

Outer box: 43cm wide x 26.5cm length x 17.5 height
Inside columns: 8.5cm wide x 20.6cm length




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