Game Boy DMG & Pocket LED Backlight Kit - White

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No more worm lights! Install one of these high quality LED backlight kits to really light up your Game Boy console.

This can be installed on the DMG and the Pocket consoles.


  • Backlight
  • Polarising film
  • Wires (already soldered on to the backlight for you)
  • Resistor


Be sure to remove the thin transparent protective film from both sides.

Don't peel off the white layers. These aid in the diffusion of light so it's nice and even.

Once you've disassembled and prepared your console, simply solder the wiring to the two points on the PCB of your console and you're all set.

 Original Game Boy Tutorial:

 Game Boy Pocket Tutorial:

Include a bivert chip for only an extra £2!

This will vastly improve the display with a deeper contrast.

For a DMG tutorial, see this video at 4:30 onwards:

For a Pocket tutorial, see this video:

For alternative Pocket tutorials:

(See 29:58) for alternate solder points.




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