Game Boy Colour IPS Console Gyarados Design + Presentation Box

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One of the newest lighting kits for the Game Boy Colour, the IPS V3..

These are larger than the standard Game Boy Colour displays and it makes such a difference!

Housed in an excellent Gyarados designed shell and comes with a matching presentation box.

The brightness can be adjusted by tapping the top of the console. The sensor is located in the middle of the top.

Also, holding the sensor at the top for about 5 seconds will toggle the screen style between regular screen mode and the pixelated screen mode.

As well as this, the colour of the text in the lens can be changed!

To do this, press and hold the start & select buttons together for about 3 seconds till only "Game" is lit up, then tap the sensor at the top twice till light ups the "Color" text, then simply either the start or select button to alternate between the colours. (Once you've chosen your colour, press and hold the start & select buttons again for about 3 seconds)



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