Game Boy Colour IPS Console - White

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One of the newest lighting kits for the Game Boy Colour.

These are larger than the standard Game Boy Colour displays and it makes such a difference!

They have been fully set up which features adjustable brightness (tapping the top middle of the console)

Holding the sensor at the top middle of the console, next to the IR sensor cover, for a few seconds will also open a menu. This can also be accessed by holding the start and select buttons.

Here, you can adjust the brightness, display style, logo colour, screen positioning and more.

To toggle across through the various options, you can use either select+b or select+a or holding the top sensor for 2 seconds.

You can use either the start or select buttons to change the values of each.

To quit the menu, you can hold the start and select buttons again, or wait a few seconds and it'll close on its own.



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