Game Boy Colour IPS Console - Pastel Pink

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One of the newest lighting kits for the Game Boy Colour, the IPS LCD 2.0 Kit.

These are larger than the standard Game Boy Colour displays and it makes such a difference!

They have been fully set up which features adjustable brightness (tapping the top right of the console) and the option to toggle between 'pixel' model by holding the brightness button for 5 seconds.

You can also change the colour of the logo by holding start and select, till only the 'GAME' part of the logo is lit, then tap the brightness button twice so it's highlighted the "COLOR" part of the logo.

Then toggle between colours by pressing start or select. Once you've selected a colour, tap the brightness button again till it goes back to the "GAME" part of the logo, then press start and select for it to save that option.



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