Game Boy Advance IPS V2 Console - White and Red (+Adjustable Brightness)

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Beautiful example of an IPS V2 console mod.

This has been built with great care with a white housing kit, IPS V2 Backlight module, glass lens, red conductive buttons and red buttons.

Adjustable brightness can be toggled by holding the select button and pressing the L and R shoulder buttons (L for lower brightness, R for higher brightness)

Add any single Game Boy game at half price when bought with this console! Just add to your cart along with the console and it'll be discounted automatically!

Recommended batteries for the IPS V2: Firstly is the voltage, many AA batteries are 1.2v, but if you can find 1.5v, these will perform much greater. If the power light indicator is flashing red, it's often due to this lower voltage, as the screen uses much more power than a regular screen. It's also recommended to use ones with a high capacity, 2,000mAh+, even better if they're rechargable! And preferably alkaline over zinc.



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