Dragon Quest 1 & 2 - English Translation - SNES PAL/EUR

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Dragon Quest I & II served as a straight ahead remake of the first two Dragon Quest games, with updated sound, graphics and changes to the amount of gold and experience rewarded to reduce the need for grinding.

Dragon Quest I and II are the first two parts of the first Dragon Quest trilogy. Dragon Quest takes place in the kingdom of Alefgard, where you play as the descendent of the great hero, Erdrick. The evil Dragonlord is causing havoc, while at the same time, a dragon kidnaps Princess Gwaelin. In a solo journey, the hero travels throughout Alefgard collecting key items to reach the castle of the Dragonlord, and saving the kingdom.

Dragon Quest II happens 100 years after the first Dragon Quest game. The descendent of the hero from Dragon Quest reside in three kingdoms, eventually joining together to battle the wizard Hargon. The world of Dragon Quest II is far larger than Dragon Quest, and Alefgard makes up only a small part of the map. Due to this, travel gates and a boat allow the heroes to travel the overworld.

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