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This version does not alter the main story, and it retains all the features the original Emerald has. However, it adds several things to the mix to make it more fulfilling and fun to play.

All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokémon available (except Jirachi right now)

  • A New Evo Stone that evolves Trade-Evo Pokémon
  • More Roaming Legendaries, events, different sprites, etc.
    • Some events based on Day/Night/etc and/or game completion status
  • Pokémon from different PokéDex sections have their own battle music (based on availability in-game)
    • (i.e. Encounter a wild Pidgey somewhere, it will play Kanto’s Wild Battle theme; while Sentret has an RSE-style Johto theme)
  • Most events/Legendaries have signature themes too (i.e. Suicune and its Crystal battle theme)
  • A special Event-Shiny somewhere.
  • Check the Game Corner prizes in Mauville City for a few surprises
  • Mirage Island is actually relevant now for National PokéDex completion
    • Available when Hoenn Dex is complete, and only on a particular phase of Sunday

Special Event Tickets are available via unlocking Mystery Gift and finding the MG Receptionist upstairs in all Pokémon Centers

  • Obtaining the Nintendo Event Tickets in this hack uses the real Mystery Gift scripts that legitimately unlock them!

Day & Night System (Early-Morning, Morning, Day, Afternoon, Twilight, Evening)

  • Affects battles too, and will eventually affect music on maps in a future update

Graphics have been altered in many different areas/aspects (nothing too fancy, but it is an improvement IMO)

  • (i.e. Meteor Falls looks very different now, many menus are new colors, trees/caves different texture, etc).
  • New Battle Backgrounds based off of HG/SS’s and recolored to match CosmicEmerald's altered environments
    • The tiled indoor trainer battle style and the Champion one were designed by me using Paint
  • Edited Rayquaza’s backsprite so that its lower ‘fin’ points backwards instead of forward
  • New (but still similar) Title Screen!

Upgraded B/W Repel System (lets you choose whether to use another and which kind)

TMs are re-useable

All Pokéballs (except Safari Balls) are re-useable until capture

  • Are slightly less common and cost quite a bit more for balance’s sake
  • No more worry about resets, savestate-abuse or running out of chances to capture a Shiny

Your Pokémon receive EXP when you capture another, like at the end of a normal battle

Pokémon’s Natures have color-coded stat boosts/drops

Rough Skin Ability Fix (from Gen IV)

EVs cap at 252 instad of 255 (in order to not waste remainder points)

Steeper difficulty curve

  • Storyline-based/secret trainers are stronger, Event-Legendaries stronger, etc), but nothing insane

Running While Indoors

Final Trainer Card is no longer Gold, but is ‘Platinum’ (well, not that literally, but it’s totally different than before)

Upgraded EXP system: All Pokémon directly participating in a battle will receive full EXP, not half unless you use EXP Share to avoid having to switch them out. This allows you to have more options for how to train.




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