Castlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Deluxe+ for GBA

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New additional characters, added music, slight sprite tweaks and palettes.

08.07.21 UPDATE: v2.0 Castlevania HoD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Deluxe+

Enhanced Features Summary:

  • Additional sprites have been added to make Player Maxim feel less of an afterthought and gives him more personality when playing as him.
  • New sprites have been added to the SimonX/Simon character to complete Dash, Jump Kicks, and Slide attacks.
  • Hitboxes for SimonX Jump Kicks have been fixed
  • Color Correction for the Blood Splatter that occurs during player death for Maxim, SimonX, Megaman, and Mario.
  • Simon/SimonX whip color has been changed so it does not share the same color as their sprite body.
  • Use of MAGIC SPELLS has been added to Maxim as well as Julius, JusteX, and SimonX.
  • Megaman’s shot has been tweaked to go further across the screen.
  • Classic Simon character can now progress past the Entrance and further explore the castle. (He will gain a few abilities that serve only to help exploring the castle).

Credit to Sorrow for the development.



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