Odroid Go - 16GB Fully Set-up Preloaded Console

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Get the most out of your gaming experience on the Odroid Go with this ultimate set-up.

These are fantastic little devices with great quality sharp screens and a speaker that packs a punch!

We've taken the time to assemble these and set them up for you, so they're ready to pick up and play.

You can also choose which colour custom buttons you'd like! - Just drop us a message in the order notes with your colour of choice. We have, clear, black, red, yellow, electric blue, deep purple.

For these, we use the best quality and genuine 16gb Micro SD cards- either Sandisk Ultra (Class 10/U1) or Toshiba, depending on availability.

Includes over 9,000 games.
Complete library of games of the following systems:
Atari 2600, Atari 7600, Colecovision, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Gear, NES, Master System and ZX Spectrum

All software and menus are already set up on the card, so there's no need to tinker with anything.
It's all set and ready to go. Just plug & play!

Hold B & the power button upon booting to access the different emulators.

Colecovision, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Gear, NES & Master System are all in the 'Go Play' application.

Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and ZX Spectrum each have their own emulators which you'll see in the menu.

Screen film protector will be left on as default. This can be peeled off.

To adjust the brightness, hold the start button and press up or down.

Please note, for customers outside of Europe, we're unable to mark these as a gift due to the value. This may or may not result in custom duty fees to pay, so please bear this in mind.

Please allow us 3 - 5 working days to prepare this for you.



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