Sturmwind - Dreamcast

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Sturmwind is a shoot 'em up video game for the Dreamcast console. It was developed by Duranik, and published by RedSpotGames on April 24, 2013 as an independent commercially released game.

The game uses a hybrid 2D/3D game engine. The game is basically a 2D horizontally scrolling shoot'em up, but there are also section where the scrolling is vertical The game has 16 levels which are divided into 7 different worlds, with more than 20 bosses and hundreds of different enemies. Three different levels of difficulty will be available.


This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!

The price is for the labor involved and supplies used to make the game.

Comes in a slim jewel CD case with a glossy front cover and basic CD cover print.



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