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Quake DCEvo - 10th Anniversary Release containing the Shareware Version of Quake, this release allows you to play the complete first Quake episode 'Dimension of the Doomed' and a huge selection of more than 300 Deathmatch maps with a heavily optimized version of Titanium Studios' QuakeDC.

Fragger has been working on improving and enhancing QuakeDC since 2001 and this compilation finally features all of his fantastic work on one huge disc!.


This distribution contains:

  • Quake Shareware Version (id Software)
  • Quake Soundtrack (Nine Inch Nails)
  • QuakeDC (Titanium Studios)
  • HexQuake 1.0 (by Manoel Kasimier aka Fragger)
  • JoyMenu v2.2 (by Manoel Kasimier aka Fragger)
  • Quake WAV Music Pack (by Manoel Kasimier aka Fragger)
  • More than 300 reVised Deathmatch maps (by various authors)
  • QuakeDC WinCE lib 1.0 (by Moi)
  • QuakeDC F.A.Q. (by TDA)
  • The History of QuakeDC (by TDA)
  • UQMP: Ultimate Quake Map Patcher (by Manoel Kasimier aka Fragger)
  • UQMP patched Shareware PAK (bugfixes & transparent water enabled)
  • PAKExplorer for Win32 (by Ashley Bone)
  • README for QuakeDC (by Jayeson Lee-Steere, Titanium Studios)
  • Complete source code for WinQuake, GLQuake, QuakeWorld, and
    GLQuakeWorld (by John Carmack, id Software)
  • Complete source code for all original Quake maps
    (by John Romero, id Software)
  • nxMakaqu v1.2 Dreamcast & Win32 executables + source code
    (by Manoel Kasimier aka Fragger)

About QuakeDC

QuakeDC is a Dreamcast conversion of id Software's Quake, ported by the small Australian software company Titanium Studios in early 2000, it's based on GLQuake code and uses Windows CE's Direct3D libraries. Except for the missing network and buggy CDDA support, QuakeDC is a fully functional port, even allowing VMU saving.

"It represents about as far as we could go without modifying the content (which we couldn't distribute) or making significant improvements to the engine."

- Jayeson Lee-Steere, Titanium Studios

To demonstrate the possibility of porting PC games to Dreamcast using Windows CE, QuakeDC was initially released to licensed Dreamcast developers along with the Windows CE development kit. Titanium Studios later ported other games to Dreamcast that were released commercially, including Stupid Invaders.


HexQuake is a polished version of the original QuakeDC and comes with CDDA and VGA support enabled, modified WinCE libraries by Moi and lots of other features, it even allows to add mods like JoyMenu for use with the Quake Shareware.


Developed with HexQuake in mind, JoyMenu v2.2 will enable you to configure and optimize QuakeDC for your needs without using a keyboard. It adds an intermission save system that needs only 4 VMU blocks to save your progress & configurations, and much, much more.


For this release Fragger compiled a huge set of more than 300 Deathmatch maps to play against JoyMenu's FrikBot X DC bots! We've reVised all of them to feature fully transparent water.

To start a Deathmatch, choose 'GAME' on the main menu, then begin a NEW GAME. Once the 'Introduction' map has loaded, you bring up JoyMenu by pressing (Left) on the D-Pad. Then choose DEATHMATCH OPTIONS, then START DEATHMATCH.

Once you've entered the Deathmatch mode, you can switch to any of the maps by changing the number in the NEXT LEVEL option. The next map you'll be playing is the one you've chosen.


  • Thanks go out to id Software for Quake, Doom & Wolfenstein 3D
  • Nine Inch Nails for the original Quake soundtrack
  • Titanium Studios for QuakeDC
  • Fragger for HexQuake, JoyMenu, the Quake WAV Music Pack, the DM selection & nxMakaqu - This DCEvo release is dedicated to you!
  • Moi for the reduced WinCE libraries
  • TheDumbAss (TDA) for his interesting and helpful docs
  • SEGA for the Dreamcast and the ASCII Sonic used in the documentation
  • Greetings go out to everyone in the Dreamcast & Quake Dev scenes


This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!

The price is for the labor involved and supplies used to make the game.

Comes in a slim jewel CD case with a glossy front cover and basic CD cover print.



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