PSP Slim 1003 CFW Installed + 16GB Pre-Loaded Ultimate Card

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Modified PSP Console in excellent working order. Model: 1003

Screen in good condition, no scratches. Some light surface wear to the reverse.

Custom firmware installed. God 6.60. 

A combination of over 3,000 SNES/Mega Drive/Master System/PSP/PS1/GBC/GBA/Atari games included. All games run from the card. No discs required.


+ New Kingston 16GB micro SD card
+ Over 800 Sega Mega Drive Games
+ Over 700 Super Nintendo Games
+ Hundreds of Master System Games
+ Hundreds of GBA Games
+ Hundreds of Game Boy & Game Boy Colour Games
+ Hundreds of Atari Games
+ PSP Games - Little Big Planet, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, PES, Air Combat, Loco Roco
+ PS1 Games: Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 & 3
+ New Charger

+ Neoprene Soft Pouch

Over 3,000 games installed on it in total, including all the popular favourites! Everything has been set up, installed and is ready to play.

Some of the SNES games have graphical issues, as the SNES emulation was never perfected for PSP, but many of them can be played just fine.

CPU speed and game speed can be adjusted in the hidden CFW by pressing the select button on the home screen.

Please note - Disc/UMD drive does not function. It does not read discs. All games operate from the card.







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