Pokemon Red ++ for Game Boy Colour

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This is the completed version by Mateo.

You can choose between four different patched versions in the drop-down menu.

There are:

  • Normal
  • Normal Snowy
  • Hard
  • Hard Snowy

"Completed Features:

This list is up-to-date with the current build on Github.

* Gender selection (Red or Green)
* Full Color, like Gen 2
* Optional Snowy Version, reminiscent of Pokémon Christmas
* Crystal's audio engine, and new songs for the new areas
* "Normal" version and "Hard" version. Different level curve, trainer teams, and AI
* New "Smart AI", used by Boss trainers in Normal Patch, and all trainers in Hard Patch
* A lot of bugs/oddities from Gen 1 have been fixed
* Decapitalized text
* Inifinite-Use TMs
* Expanded item storage space
* A few new areas added to Kanto, such as Faraway Island
* Running shoes, faster Surf speed, faster bike
* Physical/Special/Status split from Gen IV+
* Animated EXP Bar in battle
* Pokéball icon in wild battles to indicate a Pokémon species has been caught before
* Pokémon have genders (same ratios as canon games)
* Shiny Pokemon
* Breeding at the Day Care (currently with the Day Care Man's Ditto)
* Dark, Steel, & Fairy types
* All later-gen evolutions and baby versions of the original 151 included, plus some others
* New evolution methods added for the new Pokémon
* All Pokémon obtainable without having to trade
* Several attacks from the newer games added
* Almost all attacks updated to their Gen 6 effect, power, etc.
* Type strength/weakness table updated to Gen 6
* Completely updated move pools for all Pokémon, based on XY/ORAS (but not exact)
* New trainer classes added that were missing from Gen 1
* Trainers have unique names, such as "LASS CONNIE" instead of simply "LASS"
* Offline clone of Wonder Trade, available in every PokéCenter once you have a PokéDex
* Gen 6 style EXP Gain and EXP Share (Not given at the start of the game)
* BW2 Repel System
* Chain Fishing for Shinies
* Pack holds 30 items instead of 20
* HM Moves usable without having to go into the party menu
* Headbutt usable on the overworld, like in GSC and HGSS
* Flash is now a TM instead of an HM
* Item descriptions in Pack and Mart menus
* Berry Trees, working off a step counter
* Some trainers may have Shiny Pokémon, or stronger Pokémon than others in that class
* In-Game Trade Pokémon have unique OT Names, not just "TRAINER"
* Move Deleter
* Move Relearner
* Move Tutors
* More

Bugfixes from Vanilla Red
Fixes include, but aren't necessarily limited to:

* Frozen Pokémon have a chance to thaw on their own
* Waking up does not waste your entire turn
* Focus Energy actually increases Crit chance as intended
* Critical Hit code ported from Crystal, they are no longer based on Speed at all
* Removed Missingno glitch
* NPC does not make impossible claims about Raichu evolving
* Counter can hit any Physical attack, not any Normal or Fighting attack
* Fixed-Damage moves like Dragon Rage no longer ignore type immunity
* Swift can no longer hit during the "invulnerable" turn of Fly or Dig
* No more "Gen 1 Missing" with 100% Accuracy attacks
* Pokémon do not skip learning a move if they gained enough EXP to skip over that level
* Pokémon can learn more than one move per level-up if they are supposed to
* Old Rod can catch more than just Magikarp
* Item evolutions should not accidentally happen via level-up
* Struggle is now ???-Type instead of Normal-Type, so nothing is immune to it
* Player turns to face enemy trainers, like in every game that isn't Red or FireRed
* Fainting a Pokémon or breaking a Substitute doesn't stop Hyper Beam from needing to recharge
* Breaking a Substitute doesn't stop Selfdestruct/Explosion from fainting the user
* Dual-Type Pokemon no longer incorrectly show "Super Effective" or "Not Very Effective" when hit by a move that is strong against one of their types and weak against the other.
* Fixed some issues with Bide damage calculation.
* Sleep moves don't ignore accuracy or overwrite other status conditions if the opponent needs to recharge.
* Fixed Psywave desync glitch from link battles (still more link battle fixes needed).
* Healing moves no longer fail on 255 or 511 HP.
* You are no longer permanently invulverable if you hurt yourself in confusion or are fully paralyzed during the turn when you should use Fly or Dig.
* Fixed a stat overflow bug in Reflect/Lightscreen.
* Rest now gets rid of bad poison.
* Defense cannot become 0 after stat scaling.
* Mirror Move + Partial trapping move desync glitch fixed (still more link battle fixes needed).
* Substitute no longer kills the user if they have exactly 25% HP.
* Fixed an obscure move selection glitch involving Disable and Strugge.
* Fixed sprites loading incorrectly if you looked at a Pokemon's stats while the opponent is Minimized or behind a Substitute."



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