Pokemon Prism Version for Game Boy

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Pokemon Prism for Game Boy

Cartridge only.
(Language - English)

This is the Summer 2010 beta release by Koolboyman.

Compatible on Game Boy/Gameboy Pocket/Colour/Advance/SP


This is the story of Prism, the son/daughter of Lance. After playing in his uncle’s mine cart it somehow spins out of control and ends up in the region of Naljo. Naljo is a developing region bent on the dream of instant industrialization. After finding a lost Larvitar, Prism must collect the eight Naljo badges while fixing all that is wrong with this corrupted region.


  • Brand new region of Naljo that includes over 10 towns, cities and many beautiful areas
  • 252 Pokemon from 4 generations
  • New TM/HM set
  • New sounds
  • Several items in the game
  • Side Scrolling areas
  • New Mini Games
  • ASM Work
  • New Clock system
  • Wood, Gas, Wind, Abnormal, and Sound Types
  • Three new moves

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