Pokemon Normal - Game Boy Advance (GBA)

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Professor Oak is going to visit a new region – Taejo. In Taejo, there is Javyer Quau and his family… they are waiting for Professor Oak’s arrival. Their son, Zaquar Quau is 19 now and he is also excited to wait for this legendary Pokemon Professor.

  • The word “Normal” here will be based on a theory with a continental drift which will correlate to the legendary Regigigas.
  • The starter for this version will be Eevee. It can learn Ice Beam – Thunderbolt – Flamethrower (all of these elemental attacks).
  • A custom made Region Dex will be used (can be Extended Dex later on the game progress).


  • The time of this game will be expanded longer.
  • New HM08 can be used for Regigigas: Upheaval. This HM is a move to unlock new areas.
  • Two new regions Taejo and Seijo with many different quests, also there are two Pokemon Leagues.
  • Region Dex (247 Pokemon), Seijo Dex (323 Pokemon), Gene Dex (361 Pokemon). So many Pokemon to catch and train.
  • Many kinds of new music in each area.
  • Players can encounter different Pokemon according to the time (Morning/Daytime/Evening/Late-Evening/Nighttime).
  • There is also a new money currency. Keep battling or doing quests, you will have enough money to buy items.
  • Have the sprites from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Black/White/Black 2/White 2/X/Y.
  • HM can be delete now. TM can be re-use.
  • New type Fairy.
  • New criminal teams: Chasm, Egos, Super Rockets.
  • Black 2/White 2 Repel System.
  • Each of the legendary Pokemon can have its own signature move.
  • The new navigator system will tell you what to do next after finishing a quest or completing a battle. This is much more useful than other versions.
  • Regigigas will have new form: Sky Form (with a new Ground Type move described above, Upheaval).
  • There is a Taejo Police Department and Red Light Safety System (sounds like you can play this game safely).
  • And there are so much things to continue to explore.

 Version: 3.0 RC 2.73


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