Pokemon Glazed for Game Boy Advance GBA

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Version 9.0

Credit to Lucbui and Datuduo for their work on this game.

Here are the updates from version 7b to 9.0:

  • Animations for Pokémon are no longer disabled and is working for all Pokémon. (Sprites by MrDollSteak Sprite Resource)
  • By editing IV's and levels, the areas of the first four Gyms are easier, Post 8th Gym is a bit harder, and Post 16th Gym is a good bit harder (Much smother difficulty curve overall, about 6 levels higher at the end).
  • Pokémon stats, move power, items and more is updated to match Gen8 from Gen6.
  • Steel no longer resist Dark and Ghost.
  • Opponent trainers should now properly recognize Fairy type.
  • Icons for Physical/Special/Status moves (physical/special split already existed).
  • Mega Pokémon now can actually learn moves, and can change back by using the Mega Stone again (It's still acts like normal evolution though).
  • Cameron's Dojo is now less of a grind and won't overlevel your team using it.
  • Scarfed Pikachu is a lot stronger (but still reasonable, just enough to not be terrible going 1v6), learns every HM, and has a updated sprite.
  • Riolu and Shinx are now on-par with the other starters stat wise.
  • Most gift and trade Pokémon are now holding items, and many wild Pokémon now have held items they can hold in later games.
  • EV capped at 252.
  • Stats now show color based on Nature.
  • Mew/Arceus (aka Deoxys) from outside of the event now will always obey.
  • Default options when starting a new game will have the text speed set to "Fast", sound setting set to "Stereo", and PC boxs will now use all 12 wall papers when starting a new save instead of repeating the first 4.
  • Maps had 99% of errors fixed, so no more invisible walls or tables you can walk though.
  • A bunch of Pokédex stuff fixed.
  • Of. Bug fixes.
  • Overall lots of quality improvements.

Please note - This game is freely available. Our price is for the service of putting it on a cartridge for you.

Also, on this cartridge version, please save the game twice anytime you need to save. This is a requirement only for this particular game.

It will bring up a message about a corrupt save when you start the game, but please ignore this, it's not actually corrupt and only displays due to the alternate methods to have it flashed with a save working on this style of cartridge.



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