Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition for Game Boy Advance GBA

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Version: Final v1.0.2

Credit to colonetlsalt for their work on this game.


One fateful morning in Pallet Town, a newborn hero takes his first steps along his journey to becoming a Pokémon Master. With a love for Pokemon battle, and a burning desire to be the very best, he takes on the region’s Gym Leaders, and eventually conquers the Pokémon League. A well-trodden tale if there ever was one… but it is far from the whole story.

Behind Red’s seemingly simplistic Pokémon adventures lies a darker, more sinister plot – one that its original hero never hears of, but which holds significance for both him and the fate of the Kanto region. Sociopathic scientists, revenge-hungry nurses and corrupt Gym Leaders are just a few of the characters who show their true colors once Red turns his back, and the very people who appeared most friendly and considerate through his naïve eyes may in fact be secretly harboring the most malicious of intentions.

What is the connection between Lance, Giovanni and Professor Oak? What exactly happened during the Great Pokémon War? How was the mysterious Mewtwo created? Not to mention: what is the fate of the hundreds of Trainers Red so ruthlessly defeat? The answers lie in the story behind the story, and it begins deep in Kanto’s criminal underworld…



  • Steal Pokémon from every single Trainer in the game
  • Experience the true story behind Red’s adventures
  • Morality system and branching sidequests
  • Gen. VI-style mechanics and presentation
  • Overall improved interface and gameplay


Please note - This game is freely available. Our price is for the service of putting it on a cartridge for you.

It will bring up a message about a corrupt save when you start the game, but please ignore this, it's not actually corrupt and only displays due to the alternate methods to have it flashed with a save working on this style of cartridge.



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