Pokemon Clover - GBA

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(2017 release)

Pokémon Clover is a QUALITY hack featuring a brand new region called Fochun, as well as 386 fresh new fakemons! Clover has been an ongoing project for a team comprised together from anonymous posters on the /vp/ board. Started in 2015 as a janky FireRed rehash, it has since become a complete overhaul featuring new maps, characters, story, and a completely original soundtrack.

The main point of Clover is to be both a parody of 4chan and /vp/ board culture as well as being a parody of Pokémon games in general, thus the game is full of the kind of humor you've come to expect from 4chan.
Pokémon Clover's story follows a young Trainer from Veepier Town in the Fochun region as they get their starter from Professor Stump and go on a good old fashioned Badge collecting journey, and battle the evil Team Karma, a mysterious group supposedly hunting for the most powerful meme in the world.


  • 386 original Fakemon
  • Enhanced audio sampling
  • Brand new custom made music
  • Physical/special split
  • Fairy type
  • Wonder Trading
  • Mugshots
  • New custom PokeBalls
  • Black/White 2 Repel system
  • Gen 6 style capture-experience system
  • New custom items
  • Reusable TMs
  • Forgettable HMs




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