Neo Geo 50-in-1 - Dreamcast

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This is a compilation of over 50 Neo Geo games for the Dreamcast.

All of the games have been tested working (most run smoothly). This is not like some of the other Neo Geo compilations floating around that have a ton of games that run poorly.

Note that the version of Magician Lord in this compilation has the BGM intact and was merged with the Universe BIOS so that you can access a cheat menu (hold start and right trigger) and make yourself invincible, get unlimited lives, etc. Neo Bomberman has also been merged the Universe BIOS.

It is based on Chui's AES4ALL emulator, which is a branch of this NEO4ALL emulator.

Included in this compilation:

Sports Titles
(1) 2020 Super Baseball
(2) Baseball Stars 2
(3) Power Spikes II
(4) Tecmo World Soccer '96 (some slowdown)
(5) Goal! Goal! Goal! (some slowdown)
(6) League Bowling
(7) Soccer Brawl
(8) Super Sidekicks (some slowdown)
(9) Top Player's Golf
(10) Thrash Rally
(11) Windjammers

(12) Bust-A-Move-Again / Puzzle Bobble 2 (no BGM)
(13) Joy Joy Kid / Puzzled
(14) Magical Drop
(15) Neo Bomberman
(16) Panic Bomber
(17) Pop'N'Bounce
(18) Puzzle Bobble 1 / Bust-A-Move
(19) Puzzle De Pon
(20) Zintrick
(21) Zupapa!

(22) Bang Bead
(23) Battle Flip Shot
(24) Ghost Lop
(25) Legend of Failure Joe
(26) Columns (Homebrew)
(27) Neo Pong
(28) Captain Tomoday

(29) Fatal Fury
(30) King of the Monsters
(31) King of the Monsters II
(32) World Heroes

Platform & Beat'em Up
(33) Magician Lord with Universe BIOS for cheating (some slowdown)
(34) Blues Journey
(35) Burning Fight
(36) Crossed Swords
(37) Eightman
(38) Mutation Nation
(39) Ninja Combat
(40) Ninja Commando (no BGM)
(41) Robo Army
(42) Sengoku
(43) Sengoku 2
(44) Super Spy (BGM problems)

(45) Alpha Mission 2 (some slow down)
(46) Andro Dunos
(47) Ghost Pilots
(48) Last Resort (some slow down)
(49) Nam '75
(50) Aero Fighters 2
(51) View Point

Japanese Text Games:
(52) Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki
(53) Jyanshin Quest of the Jongmaster
(54) Master of Syougi
(55) Minasan
(56) Quiz Daisousa Sen 1
(57) Quiz Daisousa Sen 2
(58) Quiz King of Fighters

The reason games like Metal Slug and King of Fighters are not included in this compilation is that those games display more graphics on the screen than earlier games, which requires memory the Dreamcast cannot efficiently allocate. However, the CD versions of those games are designed to parse memory in a different way than the cartridges and therefore those are emulated very well as individual stand alone titles.

The games in this collection are less demanding and are able to run on the narrow constraints of the AES4ALL emulator without any serious problems.


This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!

The price is for the labor involved and supplies used to make the game.

Comes in a slim jewel CD case with a glossy front cover and basic CD cover print.



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