MCBoot 8MB PS2 Memory Card

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8MB PS2 Memory Card +  Installation of Free MCBoot 1.95 + Extras

This is a great utility for your PS2 which allows you to play your back up PS1 and PS2 games of all regions, as well as offering additional tools enabling you to play your retro back ups. It’s all built in to the memory card. Simply plug and play with no chips or other mods needed!

Compatible on all PS2 consoles, both slim and fat. Except for the SCPH-9000x model with BIOS 2.30 and up.

Games can run from discs, USB flash stick or an external hard drive which you can plug directly into the console.

 The installation of Free MCBoot 1.95 will include:

  1. Free Mcboot - This is the OS which allows all additional programs to function.
  2. ESR - Allows you to play backup disks of any region.
  3. Open PS2 Loader – Used for playing games off the hard drive or through LAN. As well as discs of any region.
  4. Simple Media System - Allows you to play all forms of media such as music, video and DVD's from your USB flash stick.
  5. UlaunchELF – This is the file manager program which is used to transfer/copy/remove files between your USB/HDD/Memory card.

I will also include an emulator for SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis.

8MB is all that's needed to run all these programs, as everything else runs off your USB flash stick or HDD.

This is for the memory card with Free MCBoot1.95 installed and its additional programs including emulators. (No USB flash stick, hard drive or games included)

 (Memory card designs may vary as they'll be refurbished, but all shall be formatted and tested beforehand)




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