Jack DIY Flash Cart for GB/GBC + 4GB Card

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Jack DIY Everdrive Flash Cartridge for GB/GBC + 4GB SD card
  • Game Boy and Game Boy colour games supported
  • Latest Version
  • Hundreds of games included on the 4GB micro SD card
  • Compatible with all systems which supports GB and GBC cartridges, including Super Game Boy.
  • Supports mappers: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5
  • SRAM auto backup on SD card
  • Supports micro SD up to 32GB
  • FAT32 is supported
  • GameGenie cheat codes
  • Simple menu

This is an excellent flash cartridge, which supports Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games. Included is an 4GB micro SD card filled with hundreds of games from the pocket-sized console’s extensive library!

No changes need to be made to the system files/firmware. The latest firmware is already installed, so it’s ready to plug and play.

For the menu system, button A is back and button B is select. All games are organised into folders.

GB games take approx 5 seconds to load

GBC games take approx 10 - 15 seconds to load.


Compatibility list:

    GB Boy Colour

    Game Boy

    Game Boy Color

    Game Boy Light

    Game Boy Advance

    Game Boy SP

    Game Boy player 1 & 2

    GameCube Game Boy player

 (Does not work on Retron 5, Game Boy Pocket or Game boy Micro)

Included is:

Jack DIY Everdrive Flash Cartridge

8GB Micro SD Card

Cartridge Protector

(Board style may vary depending on availability, but will essentially be the same cartridge)




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