Beat Down Collection - Dreamcast

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Featuring some classics and some of the more recent Beat 'em Up's..

Here is the list of games, featured on this disk:
Beats of Rage Collection:
1.Beats of Rage Remix
2.Beats of Rage Remixed II: Rhythm of Destruction: Street Fighter Edition
4.Double Dragon: Extreme
5.Final Fight: The Last Round
6.Final Fight: Apocalypse - 2nd Edition
7.Kung-Fu Master
8.My Hero
9.Bad Dudes VS. Dragonninja
10.Double Dragon
11.Double Dragon 2
13.Street Fighter
15.Altered Beast
16.Captain Commando
17.Final Fight
18.Golden Axe
19.King of the Dragons
20.Knights of the Round
21.Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
22.Street Fighter II: Turbo
23.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom:
24.The Adventures of Bayou Billy
25.Bad Dudes
26.Bad Street Brawler
29.Cheetah Men II
30.Double Dragon
31.Double Dragon II
32.Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
33.Fist of the North Star
34.Ikari III: The Rescue
36.Mighty Final Fight
37.Phantom Fighter
38.P.O.W - Prisoners of War
40.River City Ransom
42.Spartan X 2
43.Sunman (prototype)
44.Target: Renegade
45.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game
46.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Manhattan Project
47.Urban Champion
SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive:
48.Alien Storm
49.Bare Knuckle III
51.Dj Boy
52.Double Dragon
53.Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game
54.Golden Axe
55.Golden Axe II
56.Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage
57.Spider-Man and Venom - Seperation Anxiety
58.Splatterhouse 3
59.Streets of Rage 2
60.Streets of Rage
61.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hyper Stone Heist
Sega Master System/Mark III:
62.Black Belt
63.Double Dragon
64.Hokuto no ken
66.Streets of Rage
67.Streets of Rage 2
SUPER Nintendo/SUPER Famicom:
68.Batman Returns
69.Battle Blaze
70.Battletoads - Battle Maniacs
71.Battletoads & Double Dragon
72.Brawl Brothers
73.Captain America and the Avengers
74.Captain Commando
76.The Combatribes
77.Death and Return of Superman
78.Final Fight
79.Final Fight 2
80.Fianl Fight 3
81.Final Fight - Guy
82.Ghost Chaser Densei
83.Jim Lee's - Wild C.A.T.S
84.King of Dragons
85.Knights of the Round
86.The Ninja Warriors
87.The Peace Keepers
88.Return of Double Dragon
89.Rival Turf
90.Rushing Beat - Shura
91.Rushing Beat - Ran
92.Sonic Blast Man
93.Sonic Blast Man 2
94.Stone Protectors
95.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time
96.Undercover Cops

This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!

The price is for the labor involved and supplies used to make the game.

Comes in a slim jewel CD case with a glossy front cover and basic CD cover print.



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