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This is a modified version of Fire Red. The story remains the same, but there are a great number of changes elsewhere.

1. Pokemon

- This game offers a total of 272 Pokemon from generations I to V.
- A good amount of the Pokemon have different evolutions.
- Because of the above, a lot of the Pokemon (if not all) have revised BST and Movesets. Also, all fully evolved Pokemon have decent stats, so don't subestimate the power of any Pokemon!
- Movesets were edited to be similar to Gen IV/V ones.
- Some Pokemon have new abilites, most of them from the DW.
- There are also a lot of typing changes. For example, Geodude is now pure Rock type.
- Starters are Chikorita, Charmander and Squirtle.
- Gift Pokemon have been changed. You no longer get Lapras in Silph Co or buy Magikarp in Route 4. Also, the Fighting Dojo prize is different (better). Eevee is still a gift mon.
- Pokemon you can buy from the Game Corner are different. In order, they are Abra, Jigglypuff, Tyrogue, Shuckle, Dratini (even if the game says otherwise).

2. Map and Plot

- Plot is left completely untouched.
- There is grass in some cities, explore!
- All places you can visit before visiting the Elite 4 are edited.
- Only the first 3 Sevii Islands are accesible.
- There is a new sidequet inserted into the game. It begins at Pewter City and ends after the Elite 4!

3. Trainers

- All trainers have edited teams.
- Almost every route/cave has at least one "boss" trainer that is smarter than the rest, has better movesets and can use items. These "bosses" are usually the last of the route, but not always. So be prepared!
- There a few extra, "hidden", trainers, that give stuff. Battle them!
- There are two trainers in the posgame.

4. Gym Leaders

- All Gym Leaders have edited teams.
- All Gym Leaders have 6 Pokemon in their team.
- Gym Leaders have more items (read: Potions) than in the original games. Also, they use hold items.

5. Gary

- Gary will act like a normal trainer. That is, he will catch a lot of Pokemon, so you'll notice his team changes between battles. In fact, you may be surprised in the fight before Victory Road.

6. Giovanni

- He sucks in the real games, so his teams also change here. He uses 6 Pokemon in all battles. Levels are:

7. Some tips

- Don't overlook any Pokemon, since it may evolve into something cool.
- Use evolution stones! Also, all Pokemon that evolve from stones still keep learning moves so don't be afraid (though I recommend waiting for level 30 in most cases, since they usually don't learn anything before).
- Use the fishing rod(s). There are not many water Pokemon in the grass, and you get the old rod early. I changed the fishing encounters to allow you to get decent water types with every rod (Magikarp is still very common though).
- Talk to NPC's!
- And talk to the guy that gives advice in the gyms.
- Grass below Pallet Town is a grinding place.
- Explore places to find the secret trainers.
- The trainers' levels are hacked supposing you play the game in the next order (since Cerulean):



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