Multi-Cartridge for Game Boy / Game Boy Colour


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Cartridge only. 64 games included.

The compilation of games on this cartridge are in the Chinese and English languages. I’ve noted which language each game is, on the list below:

Pokemon Gold (Chinese)

Pokemon Silver (Chinese)

Pokemon Yellow (Chinese)

Sangvochi (Chinese)

Robot War (Chinese)

Nettou KOF 96 (English)

Yuuyuu 4/Titus the Fox (English)

Street Fighter II (English)

VS Battler (English)

Dragon Slayer (English)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (English)

Master Karateka (English)

Final Reverse (English)

Contra: The Alien Wars (English)

Battlecity (English)

Fire Fighter (English)

Koi Wa Kakehi (English)

Minesweeper (English)

Bombjack (English)

Space Invader (English)

Heiankyo Alien (English)

Boxxle (English)

Pipedream (English)

Spider-Man (English)

NBA All Star Challenge (English)

Side Pocket (English)

Soccer Boy (English)

Soccer Mania (English)

Seaside Volleyball (English)

GB basketball (English)

World Bowling (English)

Motocross Maniacs (English)

Brainbender (English)

Tennis (English)

Hyper Lode Runner (English)

Trump Boy (Chinese)

Pop up (English)

Mario and Yoshi (English)

Kureyo Shin 4 (Chinese)

Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics (English)

Tarzan (English)

Tasmania Story (Chinese)

Bugs Bunny (English)

Pac-Man (English)

Shisensyo/Match-Mania (English)

Penguin Land (English)

Dr Mario (English)

Shanghai (English)

Amida (English)

Pitman (English)

Ultraman Club (Chinese)

The Castlevania Adventure (English)

Klax (English)

Bubble Ghost (English)

Tetris (English)

Flipull (English)

Puzzle Boy (Chinese)

Boxxle 2 (English)

Mogura De Pon (Chinese)

Super Mario Land (English)

Pinball: Revenge of the Gator (English)

Adventure Island (English)

F1 Boy (English)

Kureyo Shin 3 (Chinese)


UK Dispatch.