1 x Empty Card Grading Slab Case (PSA, BGS) Pokémon, YuGiOh, MTG + Free Sleeve

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1 x protective case and 1 x free protective sleeve.

Premium quality protective cases for your cards. These will fit Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering cards.

These are the same style cases as those used for grading and is a great way to showcase and protect your cards.

(Cards not included - these are for demonstration purposes)

To secure these cases, it is recommended to carefully apply some acrylic glue, or the recommended option is to use an ultrasonic plastic welding machine.
This is the only way plastic slabs can be closed securely. This is how they're supposed to be and is the same as how all the big places receive them also, prior to them sealing and grading, etc. (They're not supposed to click-close, as they're all made to be sealed shut permanently)
Once they go through the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, the compression stops the cards from moving around.




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